April 21-22, 2022

It was nice to return to in presence meetings and present Partening Project "NeuroStimSpinal" objectives at the Graphene Flagship's Annual Meeting. The NeuroStimSpinal Consortium appreciates the invitation!

Promoting neural regeneration with graphene-enriched scaffolds

NeuroStimSpinal combines materials science, electrical engineering, bioengineering and biomedicine to accelerate spinal cord injury repair

NeuroStimSpinal has been accepted as a Partner Project (PP) of the Graphene Flaship CP3.

A PP is a research or innovation project whose objectives are relevant to the Graphene Flagship.

The aim is to provide flexible and efficient mechanisms to perform research and innovation activities that will be in line with the overall objectives of the Graphene Flagship initiative and be of mutual benefit to all parties of the PP and of the CP3.

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