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New Trends in Smart Nanostructured Biomaterials in Health Sciences

1st Edition - October 10, 2022

Book Chapter

Tailoring 3D Biomaterials for Spinal Cord Injury Repair

André F. Girão, Joana Sousa, Mónica Cicuéndez, María Concepción Serrano, María Teresa Portolés & Paula A. A. P. Marques

In: López-Dolado, E., Concepción Serrano, M. (eds) Engineering Biomaterials for Neural Applications. Springer, Cham.

Peer reviewed articles

Biocompatible Adipose Extracellular Matrix and Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite for Tissue Engineering Applications

Materials Today Bio 

Kest Verstappen a, Alexey Klymov a, Mónica Cicuéndez b, Daniela Silva c, Nathalie Barroca c, Francisco-Javier Fernández-San-Argimiro d, Iratxe Madarieta d, Laura Casarrubios e, María José Feito e, Rosalía Diez-Orejas f, Rita Ferreira g, Sander C.G. Leeuwenburgh a, María Teresa Portolés e h, Paula A.A.P. Marques c, X. Frank Walboomers 

Functionality of macrophages encapsulated in porcine decellularized adipose matrix hydrogels and interaction with Candida albicans

Mónica Cicuéndez, Andrea García-Lizarribar, Laura Casarrubios, María José Feito, Francisco Javier Fernández-San-Argimiro, Nerea García-Urkia, Olatz Murua, Iratxe Madarieta, Beatriz Olalde, Rosalía Diez-Orejas, María Teresa Portolés 

Biomaterials Advances

Volume 159, May 2024, 213794 

Effects of graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide nanomaterials on porcine endothelial progenitor cells

A. Polo-Montalvo, M. Cicuéndez, L. Casarrubios, N. Barroca, D. Silva, M.J. Feito, R. Diez-Orejas, M.C. Serrano, P.A.A.P. Marques, M.T. Portolés,

 Nanoscale, Collection on “Graphene and 2D Materials in Healthcare”

 Nanoscale, 2023, 15, 17173–17183.

Decellularized extracellular matrix-based 3D nanofibrous scaffolds functionalized with polydopamine-reduced graphene oxide for neural tissue engineering

Daniela M. da Silva , Nathalie Barroca , Susana C. Pinto , Ângela Semitela , Bárbara M. de Sousa , Patrícia A.D. Martins , Luís Nero , Iratxe Madarieta , Nerea García-Urkia, Francisco-Javier Fernández-San-Argimiro, Andrea Garcia-Lizarribar, Olatz Murua, Beatriz Olalde, Igor Bdikin, Sandra I. Vieira, Paula A.A.P. Marques  

Chemical Engineering Journal, 472, 15 September 2023, 144980

Systematic Evaluation of Spinal Cord Injury Animal Models in the Field of Biomaterials

Kest Verstappen, René Aquarius, Alexey Klymov, Kimberley E. Wever, Lyan Damveld, Sander C.G. Leeuwenburgh, Ronald H.M.A. Bartels, Carlijn R. Hooijmans and X. Frank Walboomers

Tissue Eng. Part B Rev.  2021.

Benefits in the Macrophage Response Due to Graphene Oxide Reduction by Thermal Treatment

Mónica Cicuéndez, Laura Casarrubios, Nathalie Barroca, Daniela Silva, María José Feito, Rosalía Diez‐Orejas, Paula A. A. P. Marques and María Teresa Portolés

Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22, 6701.

Effects of Human and Porcine Adipose Extracellular Matrices Decellularized by Enzymatic or Chemical Methods on Macrophage Polarization and Immunocompetence

Mónica Cicuéndez , Laura Casarrubios , María José Feito, Iratxe Madarieta , Nerea Garcia-Urkia, Olatz Murua , Beatriz Olalde , Nerea Briz, Rosalía Diez-Orejas and María Teresa Portolés

Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22(8), 3847.

Combined effect of shear stress and laser-patterned topography on Schwann cell outgrowth: synergistic or antagonistic?

Eleftheria Babaliari, Paraskevi Kavatzikidou, Anna Mitraki, Yannis Papaharilaou, Anthi Ranella and Emmanuel Stratakis

Biomater. Sci., 2021, 9, 1334-1344.

Biofabrication for neural tissue engineering applications

Papadimitriou, L., Manganas, P., Ranella, A. and Stratakis, E.

Mater. Today Bio 2020, 6, 100043.